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About Spice Entertainment

Spice Entertainment was established on 19th January 1999 by our Chief Executive Raj Parmar.

Spice Entertainment has become a force to be reckoned with since its conception in 1999. Setup by Raj Parmar who has vast and unmatched experience in the Asian media & entertainment industry (Bio available at www.allaboutraj.com)

Starting as a small Dance troupe and progressing to what is now the most well known Bollywood company in the north. The services provided by Spice Entertainment have grown considerably since its conception.

The company has organised its own successful events which have been highly appreciated by the public. Our event management team are constantly working hard to bring you the best events. Click here for our latest news.

Spice Entertainment has been involved with some of the biggest events in the UK over the last eleven years, some of which include: the Udit Narayan UK Tour, Millan 2004 as well as some of the biggest melas across the UK on an annual basis. The company has also provided extras and dancers for music videos, feature films, stageshows and dramas. (For full list see credits)

Spice Entertainment regularly runs workshops for children at several schools across the district.

2008 started with a bang when Spice Entertainment was featured on mainstream channel MTV in the show 'My Super Sweet UK', since then its been no looking back as the company goes from strength to strength.. We moved into brand new premises. The company produced its very own play 'Spice of Life' for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Our debut show was a complete sellout and we recieved an award from USA weekly news for an outstanding show. The show then went to Bradford playhouse (23-25th October 2008) and recieved fantastic feedback and was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. Plans then went underway to launch 'Spice Nites'. Our first being NYE 2008 which was a complete sell out. This in itself is the start of a whole new era for Spice Entertainment, progressing from just a dance troupe to what is now the Norths leading Bollywood Entertainment company. Dont forget to signup to our newsletter to keep updated!

At the beginning of 2009 Spice Entertainment was nominated as Entertainment / Arts company of the year by ABDN (Asian Business Development Network) and shortly after recieved the Bradford Community Harmony Award for the work it does with youngsters in the region. We also organised the first 'Spice Charity Showcase' and raised £1000 for charity. We also performed for the National magazine 'Brides' and performed our production 'Spice of Life' as the finale for Saltaire Festival. 2010 brings a whole new dimension to Spice with the launch of our very own venue - Spice Lounge.

2010 has been a landmark year for the company with opening our very own venue Spice Bar & Lounge. With the dancers still going strong, Spice Bar & Lounge was launched at the Bradford Mela and hosted the official afterparty on both days! Since opening we have recieved numerous compliments and have set up what is Yorkshire's Best Desi party night every Saturday! The Bar & Lounge has hosted many events already and we have had many singers perform and hosted Album launch parties. The list so far includes: Sham D, Balwinder Safri, Metz & Trix, Irfan Khan, S-Trax, Babbar Malik, Nachda Punjab, Spice Bollywood Dancers, Bollywood Academy, Mumzy, Abbas Hasan, H Dhami, Khiza, UK Shox, Rana Sahota, Kamal Raja, Jazz Gill, Channi from Alaap, Mona Singh. Binder Pasla, Jind Mahi, Kee and many more

2011 has been an interesting year as the dance side continued and work started on our new restaurant on the upper floor. Yes Spice Bar & Lounge on one floor and a new 100 seater restaurant on the upper floor (now open). We were also filmed for a documentary pilot for BBC called 'Welcome to Bradford' which has been given approval and a series will be coming soon.

2012 saw the return of the boss (Raj) back on stage (March) at Bradford Inspirational Women Awards. The filming for the documentary is still happening and it is planned that it will aire in January 2013. Dance performances continue and the company is expanding again with services. We now offer Hair & Makeup services too, aswell as offering Chocolate fountains, Candy Floss and Popcorn machines for events. In May we became the official main sponsor of "Party on the Amp" at Bradford University. Work on combining the bar and restaurant is underway and we are hoping to have the relaunch party on 7th September. Spice - a desi blend of dance, music, food & culture.

“I set-up Spice Entertainment to promote and provide a platform for people from all walks of life to display and develop their talents through Asian Arts, more specifically Bollywood.”

Raj Parmar, Spice Entertainment Credits - click here

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